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Ke Jie vs Alpha Go

Late last night (our time) the number 1 ranked human Go player, Ke Jie, played the first of a 3 game match against super-bot Alpha Go in China. This was a much-anticipated match in the Go world, after Alpha Go won 60 online games in a row with top pros over the winter. If you’re got 6 hours or so to spare, you can watch the whole game with commentary. There will be all kinds of analysis on YouTube in the coming days. Jonathan Hop was quick off the mark and has already published a half-hour commentary.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 8.39.57 AM

Hajin Lee and Andrew Jackson providing commentary

I watched close to 2 hours of the game last night, but was unable to stay up for more of it. I googled the result this morning to find out the bot defeated Ke Jie by a narrow margin.

The game was marked by an unusual opening in which Ke Jie as black played the 3-3 point in the top left and soon after invaded into the 3-3 in the bottom right. Much more often pro players begin the game playing on 4-4 or 4-3 points. Ke Jie’s early strategy was to take territory at the expense of influence.

It was a fascinating game to watch – I caught up on more of it this morning. The sophistication of the bot’s play is so remarkable.

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