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Tree Pruning


In our neighbourhood, which is being sliced and diced all over the place by builders and developers, it is unusual to see a tree crew that isn’t busy destroying mature trees. Today we had the guys from Towne Trees – but just to do some basic maintenance.

Up front we have a really nice honey locust, a tree which benefits from regular pruning. The guys took off all the dead wood and thinned out the canopy. It looks great, and our gardens up front will enjoy a little more light getting through the canopy too. When we first moved to Long Branch close to a decade ago, the locust had not been maintained in a long time and was loaded up with a dangerous amount of deadwood. We clean it up and thin in out every two or three years.

Along the south side of the house, we had a choke cherry cut back considerably.  This shrub has grown considerably and was sprawling all over the place. Behind that in the back yard, we had the canopy of two Norway spruces gently raised. They did a really nice job of this. It doesn’t look like it’s been trimmed but now you can walk under the tree without getting a face-full of spruce.

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