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I love living near the lake. Each day it seems there is something new to look at down the street in Sam Smith Park. Today I was transfixed by the undulating slush-piles near shore trying out a myriad of formations before solidifying into a ragged icy apron.



  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    It has been so cold that a significant chunk of Niagara falls has frozen. Some neat frozen falls photos here:
    I think this is the coldest end of December in 100 years. I live maybe 45 miles north of Toronto and the temperature will hit -30C easily tonight and maybe even as low as -35C. To put -30 into perspective it will be +30 in Tahiti tomorrow so the difference between Tahiti and Alliston will be 60C and for those of us old enough to still think in Farenheit Tahiti will be 140F warmer than Alliston tonight. Hard to believe anyone lives in this country really.

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