1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    What is the thing that looks like a bunch of pizzas wrapped up in bamboo snow fence?

    • The bamboo unit is a rice paper drier and the pizzas are in fact edible rice papers, the kind of thing used to wrap spring rolls or salad rolls, or rice crackers. They make a rice slurry, like a really thin batter. Meanwhile they have a pot of water heated by a rice husk fire simmering away. It is covered tightly with a sheet of cloth. Some of the slurry is poured on and moved around the way you might move around sauce on a pizza when you’re making one, so it covers a circular area the size of the pot. A lid is placed on the whole deal and it steams for a short period, maybe 30 seconds. They peel the steamed paper off the cloth by working a long blade under the paper. The papers are place on these driers and when the unit is full, they put it out in the sun to fully dry.

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