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Fishin’ in a windstorm

Just recently I switched up whirligigs in the front yard, removing the lumberjack for repair and installing the newly renovated fisherman. That was good and fine until the windstorm. When the big gusts started, he was compelled to catch fish with ridiculous gusto, until finally a screw popped attaching the mechanism to his back, but that was only after his wire fishing line became fatigued and broke.

These whirligigs are low-tech wonders. They can function remarkably well, but they each have their own delicate balance. Ideally, I would remove the fisherman from his post prior to big storms but I never seem to think about it until I notice it has succumbed to the ravages of what ever storm was passing through.

He’s up and working again now. It didn’t take me long to get him happily fishing. The day was perfect for it too. The fisherman would stay still until a little gust got him catching a big one.

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