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A garden preview

The Long Branch by the Lake Garden Tour will take place next Saturday, 10-4, rain or shine. Here’s a sneak peak at our crazy Twenty Seventh Street gardens. They’re loaded with surprises, with lots of mosaics and garden sculpture, places to sit and relax or sit and play music. The back is a paradise for the local bird community, with 8 mature spruce trees, a big old silver maple and an old apple tree. We have veggie gardens and a canoe garden – oh and our share of weeds as a bonus.

Visit the website to see where you can pick up your free map (close to 140 locations).

Each year we have various garden projects going on. With the increased sun after the house construction next door, we’re growing some veggies out front – in the back there isn’t enough sun for tomatoes or peppers.

This year, I’ve added a seating area, reclaiming part of what has been a dense shrubby woodland garden way out back. I think of the gardens as an improvisational adventure. We try all sorts of things and some of them stick.

If you have a chance to visit Long Branch for the garden tour next Saturday, you will see 37 gardens, each with its own personal touch. There will also be two free presentations as well as a planting activity for kids. If you come by, please say hi and let me know you heard about it on this blog.




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