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Free Books

There is an excellent selection of titles currently available in the 27th Street Book Box.


These include Redemption Falls by the excellent Irish author, Joseph O’Connor, a couple of the Godfather books, two of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, and many more.

You’re welcome to take a book or more anytime. You can keep them, give them away or return them. If you have a book or two you think others would enjoy, drop them off in the box. This little book box has been well used in our community and there is good turnover of books during the spring, summer and fall, particularly. It’s located in front of our home at 15 Twenty Seventh Street, where it will stay as long as it is well used and never abused.

If you stop by to drop off books but find the box too full (it happens from time to time), just leave the books in a plastic bag hanging on our front door knob, and we’ll fit them in as there is room.

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