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York Railway Modellers Open House

I enjoy the weird and wonderful world of model railways and I have a soft spot for those individuals who are drawn into the model railway abyss. It’s a very serious hobby for some people. When I heard the York Railway Modellers were having an open house, I decided to visit. This is not the first time I’ve been in their building. Tuffy P and I visited one of their open houses several years ago and really enjoyed it.

These folks have rented an industrial unit just off Wilson Ave and over the years they have filled it with a fantastic, complex layout with an emphasis on getting the details right.

The place was hopping. There were quite a few families, many of whom came prepared with step-stools their children could stand on to get a better look at the layout in action.

There were also quite a number of men with big beards. Oh oh, maybe I’m part of the model train demographic. Ha!

My inner train freak is now well-fed.

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