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The Pollinator

Last year, we had so many bees in our garden. I really enjoyed watching them go from flower to flower. At some point in the fall, Tuffy P suggested a mosaic involving a flower and a bee for the front of our house would be interesting.

She drew it in 3 sections – the bee, the flower, and the stem and leaves, and I cut out the pieces out on the deck with a jigsaw. Her idea was to suspend the bee above the flower and then have the flower in front of the stem and leaves. This kind of layered mosaic is a first for us.

Usually we work together on the mosaics, but this one is Tuffy P’s handiwork all the way. Beyond cutting the wood, my only part in this was hanging it.

I think she did a fabulous job! If you like this and would like to see more, check out our mosaics page. We do all kinds of custom mosaics for home and garden.

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