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A fab time with great friends

We’ve had a delightful time this weekend with our pals Candy Minx and Anthony Stagg, who are visiting from Chicago. We’ve known Candy since our university days in the early 80s, and Stagg since the early 90s. For those readers who remember my first blog, Mister Anchovy, that name came from Anthony, who will always be the Emperor of Ephemera to us. He also dubbed Sheila, Tuffy P (he says they are our hip-hop names).

the loud customers…me, Candy, the Emperor of Ephemera, 2-knife Tiff, Stephen G and Tuffy P (showing off her good arm)

Last evening, along with Candy’s daughter Tiffany and our friend Stephen, we were the loud customers at a really good Thai place in Mimico called Nimman. It turned out to be a perfect place to eat and laugh and tell stories and catch up.

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