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The Anti-facebook?

There is a new social media platform called WT Social, which wants to take on Facebook and Twitter. It has a similar newsfeed to Facebook and topics are organized by sub-wikis. It’s founded by Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia. The promise not to sell your information and they organize content based on recency rather than engagement.

Wales thinks the platform can be funded by donations instead of advertising. He believes advertising has led to low quality content on Facebook and Twitter.

When you seek out WT Social and try to sign up, you’re put on a waiting list. You can jump the queue by inviting people (when someone accepts your invitation, you’re on board) or by donating. They’re gathering users fast – they have over 160,000 since October, but they have a long way to go – Facebook has 2.45 billion users.

I’ve signed up for other platforms that have come along in the past, such as Ello and MeWe, but I didn’t stick with either of them. I think they simply didn’t have a critical mass of users and I lost interest. I don’t like Facebook allowing false political advertising though, I don’t like all the outrageous memes, the ads and I don’t want my data sold every which way.

Will this new platform succeed? I don’t know, but I’ve signed up and I’ve begun to make some posts, join some sub-wikis, and I also created an Old Time Music sub-wiki.

One thing that is unique about WT Social is that anyone can edit posts. It should be interesting to see how that plays out. Are you happy with Facebook? Are you willing to test the waters of change with this new social platform?


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    I dont use facebook. I dont twit. I AM the anti social media. I wouldnt even consider signing up for any social media platform. I especially wouldnt consider signing up for a social media platform that wanted me to give them money. Seriously? Give them money? I dont think so.

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