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Free Hugs

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. The intense celebrations in various traditions can be overwhelming, and in the case of Christmas, there is that massive commercial machine to cope with. I recognize that for lots of people this is a very difficult and lonely time, and while some feast, others are just trying to get through.

This is a simple shout-out to visitors to this blog who struggle during the winter celebrations. I just want to send out a little love and a big virtual hug – I hope you can find a little comfort and some reasons to laugh over the next week or so.

Here’s David Bromberg, performing I’ll Rise Again…


  1. Thank you. I wouldn’t say I struggle, exactly, but I’m a cat by nature and I don’t like disruptions and deviations from routine. And since I long ago stopped feeling even a sentimental attachment to the “reason for the season,” it just looks like a lot of commotion and greedy blatt to me. My Engineer is going to spend all tomorrow afternoon cooking and making a fuss, and I love him, so I’ll be nice, but I’d just prefer a day off when the gym is open.

    Yeah, that’s my biggest beef about Christmas. The gym is closed. Gimme the Grinch hat now..

    • I like that Christmas offers an opportunity to get together with family and a few close friends, and I never turn down a chance to cook a nice meal (I do the big meal cooking at our home). Beyond that, I too prefer my routine. I’m not big on birthdays either, and have pretty much managed to cancel those celebrations. I think I like celebrating every day life best.

      I hope you and The Engineer have a great day and that the year ahead offers great adventures.

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