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Weekly Go

Vox and I played 9 games of Go last evening. Some were very close, tight battles. Some others were much more one-sided. I played black and tried various openings, including san-ren-sai (3 star-point) fuseki and Chinese fuseki, as well as beginning with 3-4 points. Here’s a look at some of the games.

big territories, close game

The game above was all about big territories, but it was a close one. We use a sliding komi/handicap system, which shifts based on wins and losses, and at this point, I was taking 2.5 points komi as black. For quite some time, Vox had forced me to take 2 stones handicap, but over the past few months, I’ve finally changed that dynamic, and we’ve been playing even games recently. I edged out a win in this game.

I was happy about getting a big 3D area in the upper right, but the cost was big, as I had to give up a huge right hand side. Vox also staked out a huge deep bottom, but once it was finally contained, I grabbed some territory around it and took a decent top left corner. Vox established a thin group around my top left corner. I was unable to disconnect it and catch any stones, but still, I had what I needed for a win.

A painful game for black

The game above was a painful one for me, and being way behind with no hope of catching up, I resigned. Vox was able to send stones deep into my upper right territory, reducing it to just a few points, and on top of that, he took all that territory in the lower left. I failed to put any kind of meaningful pressure on his stones. This was an easy game for Vox.

4 corners for white

Giving up 4 corners can often be fine, but in this case, Vox also wrecked my potential in the centre. His group just achieved the needed 2 eyes, but it filled centre potential I really needed. I might have withstood his large area in the lower right if successfully converted the area around his top right corner, but Vox turned it to rubble.

A big kill

In the game pictured above, I caught Vox’s group along the right side. He tried to run for his life along the side but there wasn’t enough room, and when I plopped down the eye-stealing move, his stones were dead. It’s very difficult to make up for a loss of a dozen stones. I just had to hold my own elsewhere and the game was mine.


  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    Interesting to look at the finished product and recall how we got there. i would make this point about the big kill game: While your kill was most significant, it did happen early and i was actually able to battle my way back and take a slight lead until you came up with a second kill of (i believe) 6 stones very late in the game. That sealed the well deserved win for you.

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