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More Weekly Go

Vox got off to a great start in this game, with 3 corners, included a really good one in the bottom right. I had the top right corner and a position against his top left corner. I’d say at this stage – still early on – I was way behind, as Vox still had potential to grow his bottom left. Where was my potential?

The game progressed without any real surpises to this point. I didn’t feel I had much hope in this game, but I wasn’t ready to give up. I did catch 2 stones that were part of the white group on the top. The rest of his group looked like it could easily make two eyes, but Vox had not made a second eye yet. Was there a way to test his shape? Look what happened….

I think Vox was confident his group was safe. He may not have realized the danger his stones were in until I made the clamp which isolated the top part of the group from the bottom without a second eye. Heartbreaking for Vox. The white group was spectacularly dead and black was ahead with no more aji left on the board.


  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    It really was a beautiful kill. As the penultimate photo shows, my group along the bottom was assured life with either of two moves that needn’t be played until you took one of them. But you played the 4,7 (the empty space in the final photo) and that was where things went so, so wrong for me. We were at that stage of the game, or so it appeared in my tiny little brain, of just filling in the last remaining neutrals. And so i looked at it as a very simple process of getting those 4 stones of mine connected, ignoring that with your first response to my attempt to connect, you had occupied one of the two spaces i needed for life. Capturing your stone at the 4,7 with my next move was my undoing. Suddenly from your catching up by 10 points with the kill of my 5 stones, it turned into a kill worth 33 points. But good for you. You kept struggling against the odds and your tenacity paid off.

    • I had considered resigning. I couldn’t see how I could catch up, except there was that one area which wasn’t quite resolved, even though the result seemed obviously against me. I couldn’t give up until I could see how it resolved.

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