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A Laid-back Day

I’ve developed a pretty good blister from all the walking I’ve been doing, so after applying a bandaid this morning I decided to enjoy a laid-back day. I cobbled together some notes and set up an Agency Podcast recording session with Candy Minx in Chicago, recording from my hotel room.

I did walk down the road towards the lake to do a little shopping, and sought out a local favourite spot for cha ca for lunch. There is a more well-known place on the street named for this Hanoi fish specialty but instead I visited the one suggested by the chef at the Hanoi Cooking Centre, Cha Ca Thang Long.

Cha ca is a fish dish, usually made with freshwater snakehead. It features tumeric and dill. Each table has a burner. They bring out a pan of partially fried fish, and at the table, add loads of dill and spring onion, which cooks up in front of you. After a couple minutes, you add some of the fish, dill and onions to a small bowl, pile on some herbs, chillies, noodles and peanuts, add a spoon of fish sauce, mix it all together with chopsticks and enjoy.

Lunch was delicate and tasty and all around some of the best fish you can imagine. I’d recommend Cha Ca Thang Long as a must-stop for anyone visiting Hanoi.

After more of the usual morning rain today, the afternoon was very pleasant and a cool breeze has taken away the humidity. If tomorrow is nice, I’m planning to head to the Long Bien Bridge.


  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    The food has looked so good throughout.
    Did you go for your second cooking class yesterday?
    Hope you’re up to walking that bridge tomorrow. Also that the weather does a 180.

    • Yes! Veggie class. Bitter gourd stuffed with tofu and wood ear mushrooms. Smokey eggplant with garlic, chillies and whole thai basil leaves. Fried taro cakes. And some veggie takes on spring rolls and salads using banana flowers

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