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This Morning (ouch)

Early this morning I took our dogs around the block. This was uneventful until we were almost back home. The sidewalk was wet between our house and the one next door and as it was a cold morning that water had frozen to near invisible ice.

One step on the ice and I was down. It happened in an instant. I was down and unable to get up. I called for help. The fellow next door heard me and got Sheila. I was ferried by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital where they took x-rays. With my leg straight I was reasonably comfortable but in pain when the doctor tried to flex the joint. Fortunately the ER was quiet and I was in and out quickly.

The ER doctor could not see any fracture on the x-rays and told me he suspects a meniscus injury. I have to go back in a couple days for an ortho guy to have a look. Sheila picked me up and took me home. Getting into her car was a bit of a challenge but with care we managed it.

I can get around the house with care – a walker or crutches help. I’m hoping this condition will improve as swelling goes down. Meanwhile I’m doing a lot of resting.


    • Thanks Peter. Getting around the house better today. Comfortable. Limited ability to flex my knee. I can put weight on it ok with straight leg.

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about your mishap….looks like you will be practicing personal distancing for a while. Hopefully you will recover soon. Good Luce and be well.


  2. Beaucoup ice-packing and elevation, as I’m sure you know. Knee swelling retreats very stubbornly. You may be able to find trigger points in the hans and quads when this quiets down a bit and if they can take some therapeutic pressure, it helps with return circulation. Hope it doesn’t require more than simple care.

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