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Go with Vox

Last evening I won 5 of 6 games, playing Go online with Vox. The games were mostly scrappy and competitive, but I was able to retain an edge over the evening. Next time out, Vox will take a 2 stone handicap and we’ll put that edge to the test.

move 262, black to play

In the first game, I was able to attack Vox’s groups aggressively, but halfway through, he had held his ground and my attacks were not leading to the profit I had planned on. Finally I was able to cut off and kill a group of 6 stones, giving me some reasonable territory. I won by 5.5 in a game that was all about fighting.

move 215, white to play

In the second game, Vox exploited weaknesses in my shape nicely. N8 was a beautiful move. I had to defend the group underneath it but he had 2 cutting points available above. My game was falling apart and a few moves later I had no option but to resign.

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