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Knee Update

This morning, Tuffy P drove me over to St. Joe’s for a follow-up appointment for my knee. They removed the 30-some staples from the incision. The surgeon took a look at it and was satisfied with how it is healing so far.

A therapist gave me some passive range of motion exercises. These start with 30 degrees of flex and over the coming weeks will slowly progress to 90 degrees. Aside from some gentle exercises to tighten my buttock muscles and abdominal muscles, that’s all the exercise I’m to do for now. . Slow and careful seem to be the watchwords after this repair job.

Meanwhile I have to keep using the splint when I walk for the next 6 weeks, and a single crutch for safety. I have another appointment after that, and then will be able to walk without a splint. Once I can do a straight leg raise, I’ll be able to ditch the crutch.

After all that, I’ll be able to work on more actively strengthening the muscles.

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