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Go with Vox

Game 6 – komi 6.5. White won by 11.5

I felt fortunate to win most of the games in our session earlier this week, as 3 of them were very close and overall Vox was playing well. How long can I keep up winning ways giving him 2 stones?

Vox got off to a poor start last evening. I was able to attack a weak group at the top of the board which really destabilized his positions. The result was I killed 2 groups and he had to resign.

In the second game, though, Vox’s play was very solid. He claimed a great deal of territory on the right side of the board, which I failed to invade early on. Instead I took some territory on the bottom and reduced his corner partially. It was an easy 25.5 point win for Vox.

I won the rest of the games. In one, I killed a huge centre group which Vox should have been able to save. Overall, my reading was sharper than Vox’s last night. He made some errors and I was able to exploit them. If he’s going to beat me at 2 stones, he has to avoid these mistakes.


  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    Your characterisation of my play was way too kind. It stunk! There is no other way to put it. That is not to take away from your play. But there were moments when my reading skills were on par with a blind person who doesn’t read Braille. How i did not see that i had to play E9 to avoid a kill worth 72 points still haunts me.

    • It was a very very bad mistake for sure. It seemed in that position you had difficulty visualizing where the possible eyes really were. For my part, I didn’t think I would be able to kill the group because I saw how you could survive. I think to win you can’t afford inaccurate reading.

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