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Go with Vox

We played 7 games online last evening. For the first time in a while, Vox won more games than I did, taking 4 of them. He played very solid Go for the most part. We each made some costly blunders and our share of mistakes. Overall, I’d characterize the evening as equitable.

move 153 black to play

Pictured is our 5th game. I killed off Vox’s stones in the bottom right corner, but first blocking his escape route, then playing the kill stone at Q2. Still the game was tight. Vox made an endgame blunder, allowing me to steal a 3.5 point victory.

Overall, we enjoyed a very competitive evening. I was happy to experience stronger play from Vox this time out. We seem to be fairly well matched at 2 stones handicap right now.

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