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Go with Vox

We played 7 games last night online. I won 4 of the games. One, the 5th game, was a squeaker – a half point victory for me.

game 5 – it doesn’t get much closer

We were again quite evenly matched with me giving Vox 2 stones handicap. Tonight, Vox was quite attentive to his shape and with the final game being the exception, I found it difficult to destabilize his positions. In that final game, I forced a group of his stones in the centre to scramble for life, and made great profit out of the deal.

A similar situation happened in the 3rd game. Vox dove in deep and I made his stones a target. We had some discussion about this. I think he has a tendency to dive too deeply into my strength. He does this when I have a good moyo. The way he sees it, he has to get deep in there to totally reduce my potential. I think he would be better to reduce lightly, not so deep, give up some territory but take a stronger position himself. I know from my point of view, anytime I can make on of his groups heavy and attack it, I make good profit, even if he survives. I have the hardest time when I can’t find a target to attack.

Very enjoyable and competitive games last night.

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