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Go with Vox

We played 5 games online last evening. Vox started out strong with a powerful opening. I made a couple slack moves and found myself in a poor position . I tried to kill a group of his stones and at the same time reduce a moya and he showed me decisively, that was unreasonable. Vox killed some of my stones and gained huge strength. I resigned.

I did better in the second game, stealing a corner on the top right then getting in and negating his potential on the other side of his wall. Later in the game I also found a way to break into Vox’s bottom territory, which on review we could see was preventable. I won the second game by 18.5

The last 3 games were all close. We each won one of them by 3.5 and I won the final game by 5.5.

game 5 – ko was at N14

The last game featured a very interesting endgame ko. I didn’t think I could afford to lose this, given how close the game was. Fortunately, I had more ko threats than Vox did, so I won the ko and the won the game by 5.5.

Although I won more than I lost during this session, I needed komi to do it, and I felt Vox played more competitively than he has since I started giving him 2 stones. In particular, I thought his openings were stronger and more ambitious than they have been. It made for a very enjoyable group of games.

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  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    Agreed. They were a very enjoyable set of games.
    And as i can still only comment and not like posts, let me say i very much enjoyed the Kirk.

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