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Go with Vox

We played 5 games online last night. I continued to give 2 stones handicap and take 6.5 points komi. At this handicap we seem to be very close right now. I won 3 of the 5 games, one by resignation. The others were all quite close.

black’s large group in the lower centre is dead

In the 3rd game, I gave up all 4 corners and found myself in a position where I needed to catch a group to win. I attacked a 9 stone group just above the centre. Vox defended, but I cut off his larger group below it and destroyed potential eye-shape for a huge heartbreaking kill. Vox tried everything to escape or counter-attack but there simply was not enough aji and his stones were in trouble deep. On review we agreed he should have given up the 9 stones and firmly defended the larger group. It would have put him a little behind but it was still a game.

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