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Go with Vox

I’ve been giving Vox 2 stones handicap and taking 6.5 points komi. He’s been able to win some games, but again last night I won more games than he did. As well, my 3 wins were all by a bigger margin than the komi. With the exception of the second game, which got away from Vox, they were all tough, competitive games.

Game 4

The saying don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched is applicable to the 4th game of the evening. I thought it was all over and I was going to win by a couple points, when Vox found a way to cause trouble and create a ko in the bottom left sector of the board. The problem was I had multiple weaknesses to protect. I had stones I had to defend on the 8/9 lines and holes in my shape on the F line. I could not find a way to prevent Vox from creating the ko you see in the diagram without endangering other stones, and sadly, he had more ko threats than me.

In review Vox suggested a defense I might have tried and when we played the variation through, we demonstrated it would have been successful for me – had I seen it, I could have saved the game. Unfortunately in the heat of battle I failed to find it and the ko was enough to give Vox a half point win.

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