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There has been a great deal of activity in the 27th Street Book Box lately. When we started this a few years ago we had no idea if it would be popular or not. There are some book boxes or “little free libraries” around which sit mostly empty. Here, we’ve seen a remarkable amount of turnover, since we put it out front. This spring in fact people have left more books than there has been room for. When that happens, I bring the surplus inside and fit them in the box as there is room.

The 27th Street Book Box is on Twenty Seventh Street in Long Branch in Toronto, in front of our home at #15. Anyone is welcome to come by and help themselves to books or to drop off books if you have some you think some other people will enjoy. Some people take books, read them and bring them back. Others just take books. Still other people bring by far more books than they ever take. Anything goes that way, but if you’re going to leave books, it’s best if you leave books that you have really enjoyed and you think others will enjoy as well.

I will say that it is not a place to drop of political or religious leaflets and it is not a place to leave ads for your business. We’ve been fortunate that people have treated it as a community sharing zone and have respected its purpose. Our commitment is to keep it maintained in good shape as long as it is enjoyed.

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