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Go with Vox

Is it better to say I had a good night or Vox had a bad one last evening? We played 5 games and I won all of them by more than the value of komi: 7.5, 24.5, 8.5, resignation, and 11.5. He was not able to keep me under any sustained pressure and I got to dictate direction too much. As well, Vox needs to study a particular corner formation where twice I was able to successfully invade underneath him in places which review showed I got away with too much.

In the 4th game I made a big kill.

game 4

I had attacked his group in the centre left, destroying his eye-shape. He defended by running until he was able to connect but he did not make the actual connection. When I played K8 he had to connect at H7 but instead played elsewhere. K8 enabled me to disconnect him safely and when I did so, his group was dead in the water.

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