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Go with Vox

Last night we adjusted the handicap. I continued to give Vox 2 stones, but instead of receiving 6.5 points komi, I only received .5 points. I won 3 of the 5 games. We each won two games by decisive margins and I won the third by just 5.5 points. Although I won 3/5, Vox played much stronger than during our last session.

One thing he did was study a corner pattern which comes up a lot when I make a kakari against a 4-4 point. He kicks, I connect. He extends and I extend. I’ve been having success invading his corner, although in our game reviews, we’ve been finding ways he could have killed off the invading stones. Last night I tried similar invasions without success.

Game 5 – white wins a close one

As well, in two of the games last night, Vox really took the game to me, keeping my stones under pressure and winning easily. Last time out I was able to dictate direction much of the time and as a result did not have difficulty winning.

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