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Go with Vox

Vox had his best evening of Go at least since we started playing online due to the virus, rather than over the board. He won 3 of 5 games. We each won two games decisively, and in the first game Vox managed a .5 point victory.

Game 1

I wish had had our first game to play over again. Vox’s group in the top left survived barely with 2 eyes. However, It was attackable. I could have reduced him to one eye and at very least could have made great profit by chasing the group, but I might have also killed the group. It would have sealed a win. However, in the heat of the game I misunderstood the area and thought he could easily make life anytime. Sometimes the obvious doesn’t seem obvious when you’re in the midst of it. Incidentally, this was the first game since we changed komi from 6.5 to .5 that komi came into play in counting the games.

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