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Go with Vox

We had an exciting set of 5 games online last night. I won 3/5, winning 2 of those by resignation and the other by 11.5. Vox won one by the same margin, 11.5 and another by resignation.

Game 1

The first game turned into a very exciting and crazy battle. I found myself behind in the middle game and the only group I had any hope of targeting was Vox’s centre group. I don’t like being in a position in which I have to kill something to win, especially not a big sprawling group. That’s what happens when you get behind. The centre group was the only one I thought I had any shot at, and I didn’t think it was a good shot. Some of the play in this battle was very complicated and exciting. I failed to kill and Vox won this one by 11.5.

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  1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    That first game in particular was exhilarating as the scope and scale of the battle increased with each move. Every move had to be so carefully considered. i worried over each and hoped i would be able to find some way to deal with whatever your next one might be. If you were coming after me with a knife, i don’t think i could have been any more tense.
    Win, lose or draw, it was a memorable and in the end, most enjoyable game.

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