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Go with Vox

I stole the top right corner and stole the game

We played 5 games online the other night and once again I had an edge, winning 4. Of those, 2 were decisive but 2 were within komi. How can we define this edge? In other words, what does Vox have to do to erase the 2 stone handicap?

At this point, it seems that the difference is that my reading is a bit stronger. For instance, in the last game, on review, we could see that I had no business surviving my invasion stones in the top right corner. Vox needs to be able to read tricky corner situations more accurately. As well, he needs to clean up his game a little and not make inattentive errors.

For my part I’ve been doing quite well at assessing the territorial balance, figuring out what I need to achieve to win, and finding ways to do it, sometimes even in difficult positions. I’ve been trying to force myself to slow down my game and also I’ve been counting a number of times during each game to make sure I understand clearly who is ahead and by how much.

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