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Go with Vox

The night before last we played 5 games online, of which I won 3. I’m continuing to give him 2 stones and I receive 6.5 points komi. In the first game, Vox was ahead and I was obsessing about how to catch up, when he approached my top right corner. At this point, I cannot explain what caused me to ignore his move, which I should have simply blocked without a second thought. I played elsewhere, trying to set up some kind of impossible attack, and he killed my corner. Game over. Ack!

Our second game was close. Vox was ahead in the middle game, and I picked away at his lead, but couldn’t quite steal the game. He won by 2.5.

I won the next 3 in a row. The 3rd game revolved around one of Rik’s groups. He chose to run a weak group out from the side, the idea being to survive the group and wreck my potential. I killed 29 stones. On review, we found a successful counterattack for Vox, but he couldn’t find it in the heat of battle.

The final game was quite interesting.

game 5

Vox invested in really large area on the right side of the board. I was able to get the top right corner to keep him from getting everything on that side, but still it was a scary amount of points.

However, I got a really good top left corner and grew it into the middle and I also got points on the bottom. Maybe more importantly, outside of the right side, I limited Vox to about 15 points. I won the game by 9.5.

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