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Flu Shot Followup

I ranted the other day after the folks at Rexall cancelled my flu shot appointment (and everybody else’s). I was going to go to an outdoor clinic on Saturday, but they cancelled too, saying they didn’t get vaccine. Then yesterday I got a message from my friend Tim, who said he got a shot at the pharmacy at the No Frills at Lansdowne and Dundas (here in Toronto) while he was grocery shopping. No wait. No appointment.

First thing this morning, I sallied forth to this No Frills, which happens to be a great store. It’s the one that many years ago was the old Knob Hill Farms location. It’s huge and has a great selection and good prices. I wandered up to the pharmacy kiosk at the far end of the store.

Got any flu shots?
Let me check (looks in the fridge)….yep, you’re in luck. 4 left.
I filled in my form, got the shot and in minutes was doing some grocery shopping.

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