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Liverversary, what’s that?

7 years ago tomorrow, Sheila donated a chunk of her liver to an anonymous recipient. This afternoon, a delivery person from Mad Batter Bakers in Liberty Village came by with a big bag of Happy Liverversary cookies courtesy of a very sweet and thoughtful person – thank you Charlene!

I can confirm the cookies taste like gingerbread, and not like liver and are very very yummy.

I can hardly believe it was 7 years ago. It seems like yesterday. In the words of Mr. Bukowski, “the days run away like wild horses over the hills”.

It is such an amazing and selfless thing Sheila did. She was so relaxed about it. I was much more nervous about the surgery and her recovery than she was. Of course she recovered remarkably quickly, using only a fraction of the pain meds prescribed to her.

Not everyone would voluntarily undergo major surgery to save the life of a stranger. One thing everyone can do, though, is register online to be an organ donor upon your death. Help out somebody else with a slightly used organ you won’t be needing any more.

I also want to give a shout-out to the doctors and nurses at Toronto General Hospital, the best transplant team in the land for doing such fabulous and important work.

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