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Now what?

Today we visited friends in Port Dover. They have a lovely 2-tiered pond in their back yard. Now our Ruby likes being in the water more than anything else. She spied the water and before any of us could stop her she was in.

Getting out, however turned out to be a challenge. Ruby has had both of her hind knees rebuilt, and now she has arthritis around both knee joints. The pond is a direct drop to the bottom, so Ruby found herself in a pond she couldn’t get out of. At least she avoided plunging over the waterfall into the second pond below!

One of our friends stepped into the pond with Ruby. I was able to get her front paws up on the patio stones above and he hoisted Ruby’s back end up and out.

Of course before that, George went over to help out. I thought he was going to land in the pond with Ruby but he had the good sense to stay topside. Hopefully the plants in the pond recover OK!

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