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City to fell Dwight Ave Trees in favour of some new cement

See the article in The city wants to make a new sidewalk on Dwight Ave and plans to destroy a stand of mature trees to get it done, in the face of a petition from 1400 residents asking them not to do it. What has possessed our politicians, and where was Councillor Grimes? The city’s infrastructure and environment committee made the decision Thursday without debate. Toronto City Council will consider it Dec. 15. Hopefully the full council will show some good sense on this and back right off.

Was Urban Forestry fighting for the trees? No. They decided the trees could not withstand the sidewalk construction. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the inability of Urban Forestry to do much to protect the canopy. If they can’t do the job, maybe we need to rethink if they have any value to the community at all.

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