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8 years ago today….

8 years ago today, my honey Sheila became an anonymous liver doner at #UHN. They took a big chunk of her liver, (which regenerated in weeks) and transplanted it to someone we have never met, giving that person a second shot at life. At the time, many people including family were somewhat alarmed, and one person even told me I “had to stop her”, something I would never try to do.

The surgery was an all-day event, but it went well. Sheila recovered much faster than expected and ended up using only half of the pain medication available. I think that had much to do with her amazing, positive attitude and determination for this to be successful – that and the ace UHN transplant team, who are the best in the world. In fact, it was me, not Sheila who was super-nervous before the surgery. She didn’t seem worried at all.

We don’t know how the recipient is today – hopefully doing well. Sheila is an amazing person, accepting risk to her own health in an effort to help out someone in desperate need of a liver. I hope she is an example for others who are considering becoming a living donor!

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