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Free Books

There is a great selection of books right now at the 27th Street Book box. It’s in front of our home on 27th Street (near all the construction madness). Books are free to take. You can keep them or borrow them, and if you like,… Read More

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Sleep last night was limited by my inability to put down Orfeo, the 2014 novel by Richard Powers. What an unusual, imaginative and engaging read! Peter Els is a 70 year old, retired music composer. After a career in which he has consistently challenged boundaries,… Read More

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The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers is set as a western novel – in fact a gold rush western novel – but it is an unusual one. The book chronicles some of the adventures of Eli and Charlie Sisters, paid killers on what would be their last job.¬†… Read More

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Thanks but….

We’re fairly well-known in the neighbourhood for hosting the 27th St. Book box in front of our house. The other day, somebody made the generous gesture of leaving a heaping big bag of books on our porch. Given that the book box is more or… Read More

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Reading suggestions?

Now that I’ve abandoned the current novel I’m reading, I’m open for some fiction suggestions. I have some non-fiction here that I’ll likely read concurrently but I’d like to bite into a novel.¬† I might just grab one from the book box out front. There… Read More

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Abandoned Books

Do you ever start a book and abandon it at some point along the way? I don’t like doing that but I confess it has happened from time to time. In fact it happened today when I abandoned 2666 by Roberto Bolano. This is a… Read More

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A case for books

I was very lucky to have grown up in a household in which everybody loved to read. I can recall my sister teaching me reading way before I ever learned it in school, and I’m sure that’s one of the things that sealed my life… Read More