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F Holes

The latest episode of The Agency podcast is called F Holes. Candy Minx and I enjoyed a conversation that ranged from jazz to design, movies to science. You can hear it here or find us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Tune-in. Please help us… Read More

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Today The Agency Podcast achieved a milestone (a modest one, perhaps but a milestone none-the-less), its 500th download. We have a long way to go before our little podcast will be anything near popular, but there is a regular group of listeners who keep on… Read More

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Reasons to be Cheerful

In the latest episode of The Agency Podcast, Where’s the Money, we talked about a newsletter/website called Reasons to be Cheerful, the brainchild of David Byrne. Yes, that David Byrne, the guy from Talking Heads, and writer of the fantastic book How Music Works, among… Read More