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Skunk Cabbage

At Lambton Woods in the early spring, you can be sure to come across quite a bit of skunk cabbage. What a fascinating plant. The Latin name for this plant is Symplocarpus foetidus. It grows in wetlands and blooms in the very early spring. In… Read More

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I’m continuing to follow Patti Kusturok’s fantastic 365 days of fiddle tunes. She’s at day 73 now, and she’s recording these while touring around the prairies playing shows with Jeremy Rusu. Here is a John Arcand tune he wrote for Harry Daniels, a Métis leader…… Read More

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Little Bird

We were living in a very Portuguese neighbourhood of Toronto. From time to time I would hear folk tunes wafting out of someone’s garage. Over near the flea market there was a guy who played on his front porch for passersby. He had a triple… Read More

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Spy vs Spy

We’ve been watching spy films lately. In particular, we’ve been watching the slow, plodding films based on John le Carré novels. This includes both of those British mini-series featuring Alec Guinness as George Smiley, and yesterday we watched The Spy Who Came in From the… Read More