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The Dying Detective

The Dying Detective was written in Swedish and published in 2010. It was translated into English in 2016. This page-turner is quality Nordic crime writing with some underlying character-driven humour. The protagonist is an out-of-shape retired ace-detective who suffers a stroke just before devouring a… Read More

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but he bought a ticket….

The video showing a United Airlines customer dragged kicking and screaming from a plane has by now been seen over 6 million people. I’m sure that number is climbing fast. According to news reports, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz called the situation “upsetting”, commenting the… Read More

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Red Hot

Here’s some Robert Gordon and Link Wray for a Saturday morning… The Way I Walk You don’t hear a lot of rock ‘n’ roll these days, do you? I remember buying my copy of their second record, Fresh Fish Special. That was in the late… Read More