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King of the 9-String

How many guitar pickers seriously mess with their instrument? Normally I’d be safe in saying banjo players do a lot more of that kind of thing than guitar pickers. On a banjo you can adjust or change the head, adjust or change the tailpiece, try… Read More

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You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down

I subscribe to the “meredithantraxelrod” YouTube channel and it’s always a treat when Meredith Axelrod uploads some tunes because she is a really great singer. Here she is with Craig Ventresco performing You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down.

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The Juke Boy

Here’s a tune by Juke Boy Bonner called Houston the Action Town. I’ve got a recording of it somewhere or another and it came to mind tonight so I thought I’d check out the YouTube machine to see if it was there, and sure enough… Read More

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Election Coverage

It seems the election coverage has been ramping up since the Labour Day weekend, as if the real campaign has only just begun. So far only one of the candidates in my area has been around to try to convince me to vote for him… Read More

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Daily Dose: Juke Boy Bonner

I first heard Juke Boy Bonner singing I’m a Bluesman on a compilation record (remember records) I had way back in the early 80s. I was a serious blues freak back in those days. There was something about Bonner’s performance of I’m a Bluesman that… Read More