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Backstep Cindy

Here are Joe Newberry and Brad Leftwich performing Backstep Cindy. I was at this concert. This performance was at one of the two faculty concerts at the 2016 Midwest Banjo Camp. MBC is quite an event. Banjo freaks abound, along with various fiddle players, guitar… Read More

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Fiddle Faddle

  I’m fascinated with fiddle music, but the fiddle scares me. Having heard some mighty fine fiddle players close up, I know there is only one possible explanation for how they do it. Obviously, they’ve made a deal with the devil. I mean, humans can’t… Read More

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Choir Choir Choir

When our friend Toni visits, Tuffy P comes up with “envelopes”, each representing a top secret activity. Yesterday evening, we drove down to the Queen and Ossington area where we met up with their friends from way back in high school, Ann and Mary Lou.… Read More

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Postcard from Saturn

With all the wacky crap in the news lately, including outrageous comments by the CEO of United Airlines and 45’s press guy, it occurred to me that Sun Ra was right. There really are other worlds they have not told you of.

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Let the Mystery Be

It’s been a while since Iris Dement was heard around this joint. I’d like to change that tonight. Here she is performing Let the Mystery Be. This is from back in 2008.

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A double-neck uke?

I’ve long thought double-neck guitars are just showy novelty items, but this morning I was surfing about the YouTube jungle and came across blues uke whiz Manitoba Hal playing his custom made double neck uke. It’s just too much fun. He also uses pedals and… Read More

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Blue Skies (please)

The weatherman has called for a night and day of rain around here beginning at around midnight. Let’s see if we can wish that storm away. Here’s Jim Kweskin and Meredith Axelrod performing Blue Skies. This song was written by Irving Berlin in 1926 and… Read More

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Tuffy P and I were just out walking the partners. I don’t know exactly what we were talking about as we got back to the house but it had to do with strong women, and from somewhere deep in her memory banks, Tuffy P came… Read More