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Clarinet or Grandpa?

I’ve heard some Canadian fiddlers play the Clarinet Polka. For instance, here’s Mark Sullivan from his YouTube channel. American fiddlers tackle it too. Here’s Vivian Williams, a fiddler from the Pacific Northwest, from 1981. It’s also well known in Polish-American polka circles, but there it’s… Read More

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A fiddle gem…

I’ve been listening to a great deal of fiddle music these days. I think if you’re trying to learn an instrument it’s really helpful to immerse yourself in the music. This afternoon I stumbled into this little fiddle gem on the YouTube, the Yvon Thibault… Read More

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Hillbilly Calypso

Ned Landry from 1958… He re-recorded it in 1965… The tune was also recorded by Don Messer (with a clarinet part!) but I don’t know the year. I understand it was written by Ned Landry. I love all 3 versions, but if I had to… Read More