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Ginseng Blues

My brother the trout was telling me that there are people who crawl around the woods looking for enough wild ginseng to sell commercially. Apparently there is quite a market for the stuff. Who knew? Not me. Here’s Meredith Axelrod performing Ginseng Blues…this one’s going… Read More

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Here’s some wonderful Ramona Jones fiddling for a Sunday morning. It’s called Chinquapin on Crooked Stovepipe. Is chinquapin a word in your vocabulary? I only know it from old time music. I think a chinquapin is another word for a chestnut. Is that how you… Read More

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A big night for banjo enthusiasts

In a rare Toronto appearance, Bob Carlin played a great show at the Dakota Tavern tonight with our own Lonesome Ace Stringband. Bob is a master clawhammer banjo player. I’ve previously met him and taken some of his workshops at Midwest Banjo Camp. He learned… Read More

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Ever get one of those nagging earworms, tunes that stick in your head and never want to leave? I’ve been playing Big John McNeil quite a bit on the banjo and it’s been rolling around my little brain since yesterday afternoon. Big John McNeil is… Read More

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Rock Salt & Nails

Rock Salt & Nails was written by the late great U. Utah Phillips, the Golden Voice of the Great Southwest. It’s a seriously haunting song. Here are a few different versions…. Let’s start with The Local Honeys. Joe Ely… John Martyn…

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Backstep Cindy

Here are Joe Newberry and Brad Leftwich performing Backstep Cindy. I was at this concert. This performance was at one of the two faculty concerts at the 2016 Midwest Banjo Camp. MBC is quite an event. Banjo freaks abound, along with various fiddle players, guitar… Read More

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Fiddle Faddle

  I’m fascinated with fiddle music, but the fiddle scares me. Having heard some mighty fine fiddle players close up, I know there is only one possible explanation for how they do it. Obviously, they’ve made a deal with the devil. I mean, humans can’t… Read More

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Choir Choir Choir

When our friend Toni visits, Tuffy P comes up with “envelopes”, each representing a top secret activity. Yesterday evening, we drove down to the Queen and Ossington area where we met up with their friends from way back in high school, Ann and Mary Lou.… Read More

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Postcard from Saturn

With all the wacky crap in the news lately, including outrageous comments by the CEO of United Airlines and 45’s press guy, it occurred to me that Sun Ra was right. There really are other worlds they have not told you of.