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Sandy River Belle

I’ve been participating in the “tune of the month” at a Facebook group called Clawhammer Rules. This month’s tune is called Sandy River Belle. It’s a tune I used to play quite a bit in a specialized tuning known as, what else, Sandy River Belle… Read More

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Chip Taylor at Hugh’s Room

Chip Taylor is a phony name, to use his expression. He made it up when he was in the rock ‘n’ roll business. James Wesley Voight grew up Yonkers NY, but his family had radio and he discovered country music, which became his love.  We’re… Read More

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Fiddle me this

As some of you know, I’ve started to learn fiddle, and I’ve been working hard at it. I’m taking an online course from the “Brainjo” guy, Dr. Josh Turnkett and taught by Adam Hurt. I’ve taken banjo classes from Adam at Midwest Banjo Camp and… Read More

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Smooth Operator

I should be in bed but instead I find myself up checking out the latest NPR Tiny Desk concerts. It’s a great way to learn about all kinds of music, and for me that’s important for me because I’ve been listening to so much old… Read More

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Hippy Old Time

This morning I was playing the banjo before Ruby’s vet appointment. The tune I was playing is called Nixon’s Farewell. I first heard this tune at the Rockbridge festival down in Virginia last September. I was wandering around the park listening to jams with a… Read More

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Buck Fever Rag

I’ve been listening to a heaping helping of fiddle music lately, as I’ve been hunkering down to learn to fiddle. For a guy beginning to fiddle, working hard at just making a decent tone and finding a few notes, hearing players like this is simply… Read More

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Juke Boy

Here’s a couple cuts by a lesser-known blues player named Juke Boy Bonner, whose music I came across more or less accidentally many years ago. He lived a fairly short life and if his songs are to be believed, not a very happy one. I… Read More