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Sourdough by Robin Sloan

Over the weekend, I gobbled up Robin Sloan’s new novel, Sourdough. The narrator is a woman who creates program code for robot arms. She orders soup and sandwiches daily from a restaurant with no address, and when the owners, who come from an exotic and… Read More

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Running by Cara Hoffman

I just finished reading an excellent novel called Running, written by Cara Hoffman. The novel is set in Athens in the 80s where Bridey and a couple she befriends, Milo and Jasper (all in their late teens), are sharing a room in a shitty hotel… Read More

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The Carpenter from Montreal

I found this book on somebody’s list of best books so far this year. It’s the story of two brothers, prohibition-era gangsters in a NE American city. One of the brothers meets up with a bootlegger/gangster/fixer in Montreal while running Canadian booze south. This guy… Read More

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A Coffin for Dimitrios

I choose the books I read in a very disorganized fashion. Recently I felt like reading a spy novel and so I gobbled one up called Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews. I came across this book simply by doing a Google search for spy novels.… Read More

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Raven Black by Ann Cleeves

Recently we watched the first two seasons of the British television mysteries Shetland, set on the Shetland Islands. I thought the show was very good, although I found I had to be very attentive because I wasn’t used to the accents, and as well, the… Read More

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Yiddish for Pirates

I’ve read one final book for 2016. I know, because I looked at my Goodreads list of books I read this year, that it happens to be my 12th for the year. This latest book is Yiddish for Pirates by Gary Barwin – one of… Read More