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*FREE BOOKS* There has been a great deal of activity in the 27th Street Book Box lately. When we started this a few years ago we had no idea if it would be popular or not. There are some book boxes or “little free libraries”… Read More

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Charles Portis RIP

Charles Portis died while I was off enjoying a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a book called Dog of the South by Mr.Portis. It’s about a guy named Ray, a guy on a mission. His wife Norma ran off… Read More

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Looking for a good read?

The Agency Reading List is slowly growing. As books come up during The Agency Podcast, I’ve been adding them. Looking for an engaging read? Check out the list. Or, if you’re in Long Branch, in the SW corner of Toronto, stop by the 27th Street… Read More

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The Price of Salt

I just finished reading Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 masterpiece, The Price of Salt. How is it I failed to read this before now? Highsmith initially published this same-sex love story as Claire Morgan, then republished it many years later under her own name, but with the… Read More

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The Food of Vietnam by Luke Nguyen

Luke Nguyen is an Australian restaurateur and celebrity chef, whose family left Vietnam in the late 70s as so-called boat people. The Food of Vietnam is a big, splashy, beautiful book which combines a personal travelog with many appetizing recipes. We had this book at… Read More

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American Splendor

I never imagined I would find myself writing a graphic novel. After all, I was never really into comics as a kid nor did I get excited by more literary comic book efforts as an adult. It wasn’t until Jacob Yerex read my little book,… Read More

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Lonesome Dove

My friend East Texas Red recommended Larry McMurtry’s 1985 novel, Lonesome Dove to me, and mailed me his copy. I just finished it this evening. It’s a beast of a book, 842 pages, but all written in very readable prose. At some point while reading… Read More