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A Honky Tonk Sunday

While everybody else watches football today, let’s you and I go back in time together to 1966 and listen to Buck Owens and Don Rich and the rest of the Buckaroos performing My Heart Skips a Beat. Turn up the twang, friends and listen to… Read More

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Honky Tonk Morning

Let’s take a little trip to Bakersfield…..Buck Owens and the Buckeroos performing Buck’s Polka Wouldn’t if be fun if everybody dressed like Buck Owens? Just imagine going to the grocery store and all the cashiers and the customers have these Nudie suits happening.

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Orange Blossom Special

Tonight’s Daily Dose is The Orange Blossom Special. It’s a fiddle tune written in 1938 by Ervin T. Rouse. While it is sometimes known as the fiddle player’s national anthem, it goes down pretty well on the uke too. Here is the Ukulele Orchestra of… Read More

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Train Song of the Day

Orange Blossom Special I couldn’t post a series of train songs without getting around to the Orange Blossom Special. There are about 500 Squillion versions of this song, and almost all of them are pretty good. It’s hard to go wrong with this one. Let’s… Read More

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Buck’s Polka

Many people of my generation who grew up during the period when Hee Haw was on television, wouldn’t give a second thought to the music of anyone who had anything to do with that hocum. However, before selling his soul to the devil television, Buck… Read More

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Got You Covered

Crying Time This is a great old Buck Owens tune. Buck Owens, before selling his soul to HeeHaw was one of the originators of the Bakersfield Sound, a healthy Honky Tonk infused reaction to the slick country pop music coming out of Nashville in the… Read More