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Sneaky Pete

What an odd coincidence. Tuffy P and I have been watching the TV show Sneaky Pete, and this afternoon when I did a little surfing around the YouTube machine, I came up with Champion Jack Dupree and King Curtis performing a song called Sneaky Pete… Read More

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I feel like hearing some boogie-woogie piano. Here at 27th Street, we like all kinds of folk music. Here’s an old clip featuring Jane Vasey with Peter Appleyard and Downchild at Albert’s Hall in Toronto Champion Jack Dupree Meade Lux Lewis

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Who threw the whiskey in the well?

I hadn’t realized until tonight how well recorded this tune is. I’m familiar with the Wynonie Harrie version, so let’s start there…. Here’s Buster Poindexter (AKA David Johansen) Bull Moose Jackson answers the question with his recording I know who threw the whiskey in the… Read More