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Hair that could stop a bullet

Tuffy P and I were listening to Conway Twitty this morning over coffee. That man’s hair could stop a bullet. He could sing too. Hop into my time machine, and let’s watch the master at work. Here’s David Bromberg covering Last Date. Mr. Bromberg does… Read More

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Keep on Drinking

David Bromberg has had two music careers – he took a break for something like 22 years. I loved his music back then and since his re-emergence, I’ve been hoping for a chance to see him perform live, because he’s even better today. Here he… Read More

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Summer Wages

I could listen to David Bromberg singĀ  Summer Wages 100 times in a row and never get bored. Once in a while I like to have a look on the YouTube machine to see if there’s a version I’ve missed. Let’s not forget it was… Read More

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Sleep Late in the Morning

I took 3 days this week away from the work-a-day world, a kind of mini-vacation if you will, the kind of mini-vacation you take when you have no plans at all, a kind of lazin’ around, gone fishin’, hiking through the woods, bummin’ around, messing… Read More

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Mean it too…

I’ve been listening David Bromberg’s music quite a lot lately. I really appreciate how eclectic he is, rambling all over the music landscape. He’s a wonderful guitarist and he plays other instruments such as mandolin as well. Here’s a live performance of You’ve got to… Read More

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Time for a Hurtin’ Country Tune

I first heard this tune on David Bromberg’s superb CD, Slightly Mad. Here’s Mr. Bromberg performing it live…. I don’t know who wrote this one, but I believe Conway Twitty had a hit with it…here he is…(even if you hate hurtin’ country tunes, check this… Read More