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Twenty Feet From Stardom

Twenty feet from Stardom is the 2013 documentary from Morgan Neville exploring the world of the background singer. I was fascinated to learn that some of the same singers were the key voices behind so many big tunes. In some cases, the voices of singers… Read More

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We sallied forth to our local Cineplex last night to watch Amy, the documentary about the short, tragic, brilliant life of singer Amy Winehouse. It’s a great documentary for sure, at once engrossing and very very difficult to watch. I recall during her very public… Read More

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Pressure Cooker

We watched a delightful documentary tonight called Pressure Cooker. It’s a film by Mark Becker and Jennifer Grausman, and it follows a Philadelphia high school Culinary Arts class as they get ready for a competition for major college scholarships. The kids come from a variety… Read More

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Last night I broke my own rule. I watched a movie involving dogs. I knew better but I did it anyway. Tuffy P came home with the film on DVD. What could I do? Mine is a documentary about animals stranded, and rescued, after Katrina.… Read More