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Our Kind of Traitor

We watched Our Kind of Traitor yesterday at our local Cineplex. It’s about a couple who are drawn into some international intrigue – a Russian money launderer seeking protection from the British secret service in exchange for names and account numbers which highlight the involvement… Read More

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The Secret Life of Pets

Tuffy P is home today, and suggested we catch The Secret Life of Pets early this afternoon. Although I’m not usually gaga for animated films, I was more than happy to find an escape from the harsh reality of violence and hate we awoke to… Read More

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Sing Street

We sallied forth to the Cineplex this evening to see Sing Street, on the strength of 97% on the Tomatometer. I was suspicious. I read that it is a charming, even infectious film about a bunch of Irish kids who put together a band. Hmmm,… Read More

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Twenty Feet From Stardom

Twenty feet from Stardom is the 2013 documentary from Morgan Neville exploring the world of the background singer. I was fascinated to learn that some of the same singers were the key voices behind so many big tunes. In some cases, the voices of singers… Read More

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The Big Short

It seems like the film most people are off to see these days is Star Wars. For whatever reasons, I just don’t have much interest at all in seeing that movie, so you’re not going to see it reviewed here. Instead, we went to see… Read More

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Trumbo – a brief review

I’m not generally a big fan of biopics, but I consider Trumbo, the story of Dalton Trumbo, the film writer blacklisted as a communist, to be an excellent film. It stars Bryon Cranston, who is successful not just because his portrayal is entirely believable but… Read More