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Banjo Tales

Most of my friends know that somewhere along the way I fell hard for the banjo. People around the neighbourhood seem to enjoy hearing it but I’m sure there are those who think, what happened to that guy? Why does he play that old time… Read More

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The Sisters Brothers – the movie

The Sisters Brothers, based on Patrick deWitt’s 2011 novel, is in limited release and is now playing at Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto. This film marks the English language debut for director Jacques Audiard. It has an excellent cast, featuring John C. Reilly as Eli Sisters,… Read More

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Isle of Dogs

We trundled off to our local Cineplex tonight to see the new Wes Anderson stop-motion animation flick, Isle of Dogs. To start with, the cast is remarkable: Bryan Cranston as Chief Koyu Rankin as Atari Ed Norton as Rex Liev Schreiber as Spots Bill Murray… Read More

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We trundled off to the Cineplex this evening to see Annihilation, the new Alex Garland film. You might recall his directorial debut, Ex Machina. Most of the people at the Queensway tonight were there for Black Panther. There were signs saying various showings were sold… Read More

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The Post

The Post is a newspaper story, the true story of the Washington Post and the Pentagon Papers. It’s very timely and it reminds us we are not living through the first time an American President has gone after the press, nor the first time time… Read More

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A Canada Day movie matinee

I took The Partners for a good walk late this morning then Tuffy P and I trundled off to our local Cineplex to watch Baby Driver at the early show. This flick sports a good cast, lumpy script, great soundtrack and action, action, action, complete… Read More

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Victory or Death

How many bullets do you need to make a good David and Goliath flick? If the evil guy who is oppressing the poor but unskilled villagers is really, really, supremely nasty, you  need truckloads of bullets. Explosives too. I’m talking about the current remake of… Read More