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Victory or Death

How many bullets do you need to make a good David and Goliath flick? If the evil guy who is oppressing the poor but unskilled villagers is really, really, supremely nasty, you  need truckloads of bullets. Explosives too. I’m talking about the current remake of… Read More

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Bad Moms – not so bad after all

We trundled off to the Queensway Cineplex this afternoon to see Bad Moms. With that title, I was mostly convinced this one was going to be very bad indeed. I confess this flick surprised me. Sure, it’s goofy summer fluff, but it’s entertaining and parts… Read More

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The new Bourne flick

We watched Jason Bourne at the local Cineplex VIP this afternoon. One thing you can count on with this series of movies is that they don’t let plot and characterization get in the way of a good chase. In that way it reminded me some… Read More

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Our Kind of Traitor

We watched Our Kind of Traitor yesterday at our local Cineplex. It’s about a couple who are drawn into some international intrigue – a Russian money launderer seeking protection from the British secret service in exchange for names and account numbers which highlight the involvement… Read More

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The Secret Life of Pets

Tuffy P is home today, and suggested we catch The Secret Life of Pets early this afternoon. Although I’m not usually gaga for animated films, I was more than happy to find an escape from the harsh reality of violence and hate we awoke to… Read More