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Etobicoke Valley

The Partners love visiting the Etobicoke Valley leash-free area. It’s a treasure, especially when compared to the nearest leash-free park to us, the muddy little fenced in square of field behind the filtration plant down the street. First of all, it’s big. The area runs… Read More

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Pit Stop

We came across this excellent doggy pit stop on the weekend at Garden Walk Buffalo. It has two bowls with fresh water. Underneath there is a treat drawer and in the drawer are little sealed baggies, each containing a few doggy treats. The next drawer… Read More

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Our friend Vibe

My brother the trout, Salvelinas Fontinalis, brought his border collie Vibe along for Christmas dinner (Vibe is apparently not short for Vibrophone). Vibe is a sweetie-pie. He showed no interest at all in the Newfs, but instead made sure he lapped up loads of attention… Read More