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Etobicoke Valley

The Partners love visiting the Etobicoke Valley leash-free area. It’s a treasure, especially when compared to the nearest leash-free park to us, the muddy little fenced in square of field behind the filtration plant down the street.

First of all, it’s big. The area runs along Etobicoke Creek from the foot of Southcreek road (Dundas and 427). Dogs and their humans can walk through the field or through the woodland paths. There are many places for the dogs to enjoy the water.

Sometimes there are ducks around the creek but this morning we only saw a single male mallard.

We were out pretty early so there weren’t a huge number of dogs in the park, but enough that The Partners had a chance to goof around and make some friends.

There were quite a few birds in the park this morning. They were a bit hard to photograph though, with dogs around – the birds keep their distance.

Some dogs can run and play all day and never get tired out. Not so with the Newfs. Ruby and George are both passed out at home now. Ruby is snoring.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Folks who live in the Big Smoke are very lucky to have many many dog parks. There are lots of places that simply dont have any at all. I saw an article written about the efforts of dog owners in the town of Listowel to get an off leash park. They gathered up a whole bunch of residents and approached the town to see if they would provide funding. The town looked at the deal and noted that there was land available at no cost. They also decided that it would cost $56,000 to fence in the area and provide gates plus several thousand dollars each year year to maintain the park and they simply said no they were not going to spend that much money on dogs and the project died a swift death and the residents have no dog park within a half hour drive. I find that pretty sad.

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