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Five Easy Pieces

So, it’s 2015. Last night we followed our usual New Years strategy – take-out bad food (we went with fish n chips) and a movie at home. We like it that way. We watched Five Easy Pieces. Amazingly, unbelievably, I had never seen this film.… Read More

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Life of Pi

We ventured out to see Life of Pi tonight. Boy was I surprised when we were handed 3-D glasses. I suggested to Tuffy P that we see this one, but had I known it was in 3-D, I would have chosen a different film. I… Read More

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I remember the paperback on my father’s nightstand, binding bent back, pages frayed. He loved to read, and especially he loved to read these spy novels. We ventured out to see the film adaptation this afternoon. The first thing I noticed was the colour and… Read More

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Unstoppable is a film I can describe to you in a single sentence and be assured you understand everything you need to know about it. Here goes: There’s a runaway train and Denzel Washington has to stop it. Still, I really enjoyed this one. Why?… Read More